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The Defense Innovation Unit Experimental (DIUx) aims to scout, connect and support the innovation of disruptive technology that sustains and extends U.S. strategic advantage in defense while contributing to our nation’s security and prosperity.

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Why DIUx?

DIUx will help to cultivate and facilitate a lasting relationship with new innovators, initially in Silicon Valley, and those who don’t always work with DoD, to help expand its innovative ecosystem of ideas.

The mission of DIUx Silicon Valley is to:

  • -strengthen existing relationships and build new ones
  • -scout for breakthrough and emerging technologies
  • -serve as a local point of presence for the Department of Defense

"We want to partner with businesses on everything from autonomy to robotics to biomedical to engineering; from power, energy and propulsion to distributed systems, data science and the Internet of things… if we are going to leverage these technologies to defend our country and help make a better world, the DoD cannot do everything in all of these areas alone."

-- Secretary of Defense Ash Carter --

Mission Partners

Joint Chiefs
Air Force
National Guard
Coast Guard

The Facility

Located near Moffett Field and around the corner from the NASA Ames research center, the DIUx facility is inspired by design-thinking culture. This is our defense incubator to ideate, prototype, build and launch tech relationships, new ideas and game-changing partnerships from coast to coast.